Since 1979

Terry’s is a family run restaurant that has been operating since 1979. This stylish- modern restaurant offering a relaxing atmosphere, chilled music, friendly service and high quality food. The restaurant has won the certificate of excellence by trip advisor for 2015. One of the comments on Terry’s Comments book has characterized the restaurant as: a lovely place with lovely food and very lovely people.

Enjoy all our freshly prepared Greek & International delights. Come and try our famous stone baked homemade pizzas, our signature Jack Daniels' steaks and chicken as well as our incredibly tasty fajitas and enchiladas, all at very affordable prices. With the same chef for more than 25 years serving nothing but fresh quality meals, Terry’s has become your favorite place to eat for more than 37 years. Renovations take place every 4-5 years. The summer of 2015 was the last time the restaurant had been renovated!

Terrys and Erofili are owned by the same company so special vouchers with unique discounts and offers are given to all of the hotel guests!

For the past six years Terry's has managed to complete 6 summers worth of comments in our comments book! From this we have lots of treasured memories and lots of friends which many of them would visit us more than once! Here's few of our favorites comments through the years:
" One day we walk past,
and wanted food fast,
So into Terry's we came
and it definitely wasn't a shame,
After a cheeky menu browse,
we were very very aroused,
The pizzas, chicken dishes and Mexican food
Put us in a really good mood,
So much that we came for more,
And there was much more amazing food in store
Terry's made our last night,
Such an amazing delight,
Staff and food is lovely and spot on
May Terry's live on! "
" Terry T's is the place to be!
after a nice relaxing day by the sea,
maybe chicken, steak or even a roast,
whatever you really fancy the most.
Best drinks, atmosphere and food,
To put you in that holiday mood
We love Terry's and Perry too
I am 100% sure you will too! "

Our Location

Address: Main Street, Kokkinia, Kavos, Greece
Telephone: (+30) 6986606394

Photos of our restaurant in Kavos


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